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Welcome to Rescue Kids! Since 1998, we have been dedicated to equipping children to reach their full potential. Together, we have transformed the lives of over 1,000 children by fighting hunger, poverty, and crises. We are passionate about creating a brighter future for all kids, equipping them to be leaders, and we invite you to make a difference. Together, we can change the world ... one child at a time.

  • We CARE and VALUE. 

  • We EQUIP and BUILD.

  • We GIVE and SHARE.


    Help us rebuild broken dreams. 

    Imagine a world where dreams feel impossible. For many children, hardships take the gift of imagination. But there is hope. Your contribution helps children pursue their dreams and become future leaders. We invite you to join us to rescue these kids. Together, We can change the world, one child at a time.

    Become a Dream Builder

    Equipping children together has power. Dream Builder is a tool that has been practically building the dreams of these children since 1998. Even the volunteers have benefited from Dream Builder. Imagine a group of 100 people working together, and taking personal ownership of a dream that will

    1. make the world a better place, and

    2. help those that cannot help themselves

    We invite you to join Dream Builder: games, parties, and projects.

    40 million child slaves worldwide.

    Our staff & network are on the ground in countries where children are often tricked or kidnapped, and forced into slavery. Your donations & real estate referrals help us give them a second chance with quality education and mentorship.

    151 million orphans worldwide.

    Children affected by natural disaster, war, government corruption, and disabilities face abandonment and extreme poverty. Our staff & network work tirelessly to place them in loving homes.  

    258 million without access to school.

    Your donations cover tuition fees, life supplies, as well as provide their mentors support to help kids graduate high school and be placed in Universities. 

    J.R. McGee

    J.R. is one of the top rated real estate agents in Northern California. He is on a mission to donate over 1 million dollars worth of sales over 5 years. Click the button to learn more. 

    Learn More

    Anita McGee

    Anita is a certified Strength-coach and mentor who directly oversees the RESCUEkids international staff. You can learn more about her life coaching business by click the button below. 

    30 min free session with Anita

    Join our trips to meet with local heroes and experience the power of being present. Our trips are a chance to hug these future leaders and speak life into their dreams - to encourage and support them as they work to make their communities a better place. By joining together as a loving and committed community, we can create a united force that brings hope and restores faith in each other. Bring your family and friends, and together we can help rescue one dream at a time.

    Become a Partner

    Every dollar counts, every donation matters. Your generous contribution goes directly to support the physical and spiritual needs of children affected by extreme poverty and lack of access to quality education. Help us build something eternal. Join the RESCUEkids family today. 

    Refer Real Estate / Clients

    J.R. and Anita have pledged to give 1 million dollars to RESCUEkids over the next 5 years. To meet this goal J.R. needs 100 sales a year. Your referral would be like giving $2,000 to rescue kids. By referring real estate buyers and sellers to J.R. and life coaching clients, you can help them turn this dream into a reality. 


    We want to stay connected! We constantly have exciting things to share. Receive valuable insights about life, business, and the Kingdom of God. Stay up to date on the latest travel opportunities. Come join the discussion by subscribing to our Instagram and Youtube pages. 

    If you have ever heard J.R. talk about the "Unfair Advantage," we welcome you to apply these principles. You can help with the mission by following this simple prayer of blessing and for protection over the mission to rescue kids. 

    Pray like this: God bless and protect: The kids, the staff, leaders, admin team, supporters, mentors, government officials, & even the criminals involved in causing the problems. Keep us and everyone unoffended. Help us all to fear only You God, & take action based on Your Wisdom. Bless and protect us all from evil, and outlast evil's strategies."

    Dear Adults, This book is a love letter. Inspired by the children of "Gift of Joy", and our own children. They learned to not quit, to persevere, to overcome unimaginable hardships, & learned to refuse to be broken, although many times they wanted to.

    Many had to battle not being wanted. Wondering why they were left behind. We heard them say, "I'm to short." "I'm not pretty." "I'm stupid." We have discovered even adults struggle, but every person has been gifted with strengths. 

    Our hope is that children and adults will discover their strengths. So they become known as a GIFT to those around them.

    All proceeds from the book will go to support Gift of Joy & RESCUE kids!

    We have gifted this children book to many countries.

    US, Mexico, Japan, Cambodia, Philippines, Hong Kong,

    Thailand, Singapore, Jamaica

    Malaysia, Syria, Turkey, and Israel. 

    Contact Us:

    PHONE: (530) 782-0171

    5000 Bechelli Ln. Suite 202, Redding, CA 96002

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