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Change The World, One Child At A Time.

The Gift Of Love

Dear Adults, This book is a love letter Inspired by the children of "Gift of Joy" and our own children. They learned to persevere and never quit, to overcome unimaginable hardships, and to refuse to be broken, although many times they wanted to give up. Many had to battle against rejection by parents, wondering why they were left behind. We heard them say, "I'm too short." "I'm not pretty." "I'm stupid." We discovered even adults struggle. But every person has been gifted with strengths. Our hope is that children and adults will discover their strengths, so they become known as a GIFT to those around them.

  • Why am I different? Should I wear a hat to cover my scar?

  • “Am I Star? Am I Scar?”

  • You are Original. No one is like you!

  • We love the work Gift of Joy is doing with children.

    Emma White


    Jack Well

    What a joy to partner with them to make the world a better place.

    Robert Levit

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